One of the MOST important factors of YOUR Wedding Day – Your Wedding Album!

I can go on and on about the importance of your wedding day photography, but I would rather show you WHY we here at YStudio go the extra mile to make sure our base studio albums are of TOP Quality and “Guaranteed!” Get excited about ordering your album NOW!!! It’s a family heirloom which will be cherished for many generations to come! Make it count! Props to our fabulous lab Pictage who makes sure everything is just perfect for our clients! Please note that this is our base studio leather album and there are plenty of marvelous upgrades which include textured leather, eco leather, suedes, linen, brushed aluminum, and acrylic leather splits just to name a few! Get excited all over again, and order your album NOW!! Operators are standing by! Ok, not really but hey you believed us for a second! CLICK on the PLAY button to see our fabulous albums!

Sequoia 2: Better, Stronger, Faster from Pictage Training on Vimeo.


Product Highlights:
Available in these square sizes: 5×5, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12

Square corners and smooth spine give this book a modern look

Choose from 11 different colors of EcoLeather, an environmentally-friendly material with an ultra-soft, full leather feel & grip

Updated silk or linen liner

Exclusive narrow-bind seam of just 1/32″ between pages

100% no-warp guarantee – thanks to our paper-free substrate

Fast 15-20 business-day turnaround time, once design is complete and submitted

Customize your album with imprinting, and add a cover window or inset image