Welcome to the world! San Francisco Baby Photography

Black and white baby photograph

Love notes from proud parents of the portrait in this post:  

“We just had the privilege of watching the sideshow and all we can say is that we’re beyond impressed!

We don’t think anyone else could have done justice to our family’s photoshoot!

Thanks again!”

-Akhil & Shalini


I love it when a new parent calls me to inquire about their child’s very first photo session.  With all the wonders of becoming a new parent and not knowing what to expect, I simply tell them, “don’t” expect anything but documentation of the events and natural environment that is surrounding their child and family!


Where is your studio?

For years I had a studio located in El Cerrito, California.  And although I still reside in this area, I decided to “go abroad” with my talent.  What I mean with this is that I find a child’s first home is the best studio.  I will come to your home or dedicated location to create your child’s first session.

Do you bring props?

Heavens no! I have nothing against putting babies in baskets or other goodies that belong to the baby, I simply do not bring them.  Each child has their own personality and this is what I aim to capture.  Yes, perhaps mom and dad work for the Post Office and it would be adorable and suitable to place the child in a mailbox, but THIS is where the parents help out by looking at their own environment and lifestyle and supply props if they would like them.  I certainly do not require it and can complete an entire session without them, it’s solely up to the family.  

What should I have ready?

Please read our recent blog which will answer your questions “How to prepare for your session.”

Do you photograph the entire family?

Whomever is in the room around the child’s activities, will be photographed candidly.  This is the baby’s session therefore the focus for portraits is solely on the little one.  If you would like to book us for a Family Portrait, we prefer to book this on a separate date.

How long is the session?

Our MOST POPULAR is the New Bebe Collection, we book this session for a minimum of 1.5 hours.   Add-on’s are available including fusion audio and video. Please ask us for more info!

How do I book you?

Call our studio, we look forward and thank you for trusting us with your little one!