Welcome our “Bebe” Collections

At YStudio, we are happy to welcome aboard our NEW “Bebe” Collection! If you are wondering what this is, ooh baby baby have we got stuff to show YOU!

Being primarily Wedding Photographers, we have had the pleasure of meeting all types of people! We meet bridesmaids who are engaged, getting married, or people having bebe’s! Our brides themselves often send us a card announcing they are having babies, and here we go again! We just love what we do, we become part of the family per se, and we are honored to be capturing the memories of the new families to come!

Meet Jason Ryan, he is a lovely little boy who was born on March 21, 2011! I met his wonderful mommy Heather in 2009, she was the MOH for a fabulous bride whose wedding I photographed. I have kept in touch with Natalie as I do all of my clients, and when Heather contacted me to photograph her newborn bundle of joy, I was ecstatic! To have someone love your work, honor it’s worth, entrust and then contact you to capture their first born, you know you are doing a lot of things right! We work hard to share photo campaigns and stories of our progress on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and if there is anything I can say about Social Media…it’s WOW! It’s a great way to let everyone know about us, what we love to do and to share with the world some beautiful moments and imagery.

And now….introducing……Jason Ryan….ENJOY!


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