A Loves in Bloom – Why couples should consider hiring a florist

As a San Francisco wedding photographer, I am fortunate to have some amazing  colleagues and now friends in the industry which I work with on our clients weddings and events. They are all so giving, love what they do and just a pleasure to be around and collaborate with. Florists in particular, are a huge part of a wedding day, however more and more couples are bypassing hiring a pro and doing things themselves (aka DIY). Although I am not here to discourage anyone, I would like you to consider why hiring a pro can and will be your saving grace on a day that will literally “fly by!”  All of the photos on this post are my photographs of weddings Valarie has supplied gorgeous creations for. (Note:  YStudio is our former studio branding).

And now without further ado, here’s a little Q&A with Valarie!

Please tell us about A Loves in Bloom.

Valarie of A Love’s In Bloom has been in the floral industry for almost 30 years. I think one of the things that makes us different is that we have been involved in every aspect of the industry from flower growing to retailing. We also continue to grow some of our own flowers. We make it a goal to stay on the cutting edge of what is new and exciting in the wedding & event industry. It is also important for us to customize every wedding to meet the unique personality and style of each client regardless of the budget.


Why hire a Floral Designer?

When you hire a floral designer you develop a relationship that you cannot with someone you will never meet with an online supplier. It is easy to lose something in translation.

What tips can you give a bride do to assure her florals will look perfect on her wedding day?

First trust the professional, listen to advice on what flowers will hold up best especially important for outdoor and summer weddings. Also, keep in mind it is best if flowers are delivered about 2 hours before the wedding which is usually when your photographer will start taking pictures.

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What about DIY?

Avoid the stress! The day of the wedding there is enough going on with out a bride having to worry about last minute details . Too often I hear from clients about things not going as planned. Example: submerging flowers if not done properly, can be a disaster! A professional will know when flowers need to be ordered so they are open in time for the event and so forth.

A Loves In Bloom is unique because……

We love what we do, we stay up on newest trends, and create a few of our own!  We have the experience to avoid the pitfalls of a less experienced designer, and we are willing to work with most any budget to give each client the most “value” on a day that will be cherished for many years.

We treat every couple as if they were our only couple and a platinum one at that!

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“Service, experience, and products, we stand out from the rest”

-Valarie Rome-Jessup

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