LCD Chimping – To CHIMP or NOT to CHIMP! | San Francisco Wedding Photography Workshops

Happy TGIF everybody!   I wanted to share something of a “passion” for me lately.  Ever since I was a child I remember playing “teacher” I guess leadership or “bossy” skills were blossoming then.  In the 4th grade while attending Starr king Elementary, I became the first Bilingual Student Assistant Teacher.  Although unpaid I was thrilled!  And of course, I loved my teacher!  Anyways lately, teaching workshops is something I am crazy about!  I learn from my industry, workshop attendees and peers, we never stop learning, so I feel that I get energized each and every time I hold a workshop.

I wanted to share a few SOOC (straight out of the camera) images from yesterdays experiment with my new photo assistant Sin Wa Mow​, who has been assisting me with weddings and events this season.   I was inspired to experiment not only to be a pain in the neck but to push photographers and build confidence I know is necessary in digital photography.  So….the experiment, yesterday while on a real wedding at San Francisco’s City Hall, required  covering  Sinwa’s LCD, I gave her some pointers before the wedding, we talked about color balance, lighting inside SF City Hall and the infamous in-camera light meter!  Although she seemed nervous, anxious or both, I am happy to say that she had a serious A-HA moment.  The moment meant to her and to me… TRUST herself, her knowledge and take that camera by the horns!  She did not unveil her LCD until we were finished and in the car ready to head over to the wedding reception.


(top right image is our bride waving at the hundreds of tourists taking photos of her while on the balcony…LOL!)

 The first experiment was natural/available light, our next experiments will follow with on camera flash and off camera flash.  I know once photographers (me included), begin to trust our abilities and our skills, and we know our equipment, we will be able to become true artists and focus on what matters MOST, our clients, their day, and the importance of capturing and delivering gorgeous images which will become lifetime memories.

Three reasons why as a primary, I do NOT want to see my seconds or assistants LCD chimping:

  1. Missing important moments/shots
  2. Losing sight of your primary to ensure you are not in their shooting space or if they need you
  3. Looks unprofessional and very distracting (especially during the ceremony!)

If you or anyone you know is interested in attending one of our workshops, please contact me at  Thank you SinWa, for allowing me to share this experiment, people will learn from you as well.  I am very proud to have you as a part of my team, and I look forward to a bright future and to watch you grow in this business!

quinceanera photographer san francisco legion of honor

“LCD chimping” with a client during a shoot, sometimes, it’s ok especially when engaging or encouraging your clients!