Amy + Gene = MARRIED | Trentadue Winery Wedding

As I was driving to Geyserville, California and looking at the country’s surroundings I was able to reflect on what is important…..and for me it is all about LOVE, I am sure for Amy & Gene, it is LOVE too. When I arrived at the Trentadue Winery, I so felt it in the air, but as I approached the scene, I was taken by all the gorgeous and hard work that surrounded the winery. There was plenty of beautiful vintage grey and blush decor that included shabby chic furniture on the lawn, candles. gorgeous florals and more!

It was a warm gorgeous day and the preparations were underway! Plenty of staff, family & friends placing all their hard work and dedication to ensure the surroundings were perfect, not only for the bride and groom but for their families and friends. It was GORGEOUS! In the interior ballroom, the staff hurriedly filled water vases, lit candles and made sure all the finishing touches were in place. I then made my way to the groom’s quarter in preparation for the coverage of the Groom and his men getting ready! Ah….the fun begins!

Gene welcomed me with the warmest welcome and a huge smile, I found him to be a just and dapper young fellow! We later trotted onto the property grounds to shoot the formals that were actually a bit on the fun and “informal”
side. I have to say that all the groomsmen and the fathers of both Amy and Gene were all a great bunch of guys and Gene was just hilarious. I laughed quite a bit and knew the rest of the day was going to be FAB!!! And as I predicted, NO LIE! It was FAB!

Many congratulations to Amy & Gene and may you both enjoy a life of love, faith and joy forever and ever….AMEN!!

Wedding shot with Jennifer Bagwell

Sonoma County Wedding