The Wedding of John & Ray – Westin St. Francis San Francisco

I will never forget the call I received from John just about two weeks shy of his wedding! I caught by surprise thinking I had wrapped up our wedding season, here we were booking another wedding! I was wow’d that folks can actually plan a San Francisco Elopement that quickly, when most couples plan for a year or more here I have a couple who is ready to do this and do it BIG, straight from the heart! And that is exactly how it went down!

John and Ray planned their elopement in their own city of San Francisco, in a lovely suite at the Westin Union Square, the suite was carefully decorated with rose petals, candles, a banner and a photo sign in board and Dom Pérignon, and champagne glasses galore. As we photographed guests arriving and all of the preparation, the cake arrived!

As the excited and anxious couple continued to get ready, they could not help to occasionally pop into the main room to see whom had arrived, welcome, and to toast with them! They were clearly ready to celebrate and that they did. It was a small and intimate occasion, but surrounded by loving and supportive friends, it was a huge emotional day they will never forget! See here what it looks like to plan a wedding in just a few short weeks. As a wedding photographer I absolutely admire clients, who like me, value their wedding day photography….after all, photographs and memories will and should be cherished for a lifetime!

And now here they are… John and Ray!. Congratulations!

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