I recently re-read a favorite  article from last year by one of my favorite writing photographers, Anne Almasy. She is not only an awesome photographer but she is passionate about what she does and WHY she does it, both for marrying couples as well as photographers globally.

This article takes me back to the late 1980’s when I read a book by Dale Carnegie, “The Magic of a Thinking Big.”  This changed the course of why and how I tried to live with life.  This is all so relative to how I view my commitment to myself, my clients, and my life in photography. Not only taking pictures but creating relationships with my clients and preserving memories for them, their families and many generations to come.  If I can seek and book a client, get to know  and help them coordinate a wedding timeline which will enable receiving the most they can from the photography on their day, then by George, I must  convey the importance of their prioritizing the photography  through my interaction and constant communication.  If there is a wedding planner  (highly recommended), I will work closely with them to convey this as well.

Not only do I agree with Anne in this article, but I feel strongly that in years to come, when the sad but expected day of a passed family member sadly comes, couples  will anxiously reach for their wedding album. Why? Well, it certainly isn’t for the photos of the dress, flowers, cake or even the venue , they open that album to see their loved one on a day that was filled with tons of emotion and joy. This is what  matters, reliving with your loved ones on a day that meant so much to you in the first place and why you have invested in your wedding photography. It is most likely that you will reach for your album to look at photos of loved ones as well as photos of you and your new spouse as they will take you back to that very moment and remind you just exactly how you felt.

Don’t get me wrong I love the details and many peers as well as followers call me the “detail specialist”, but no detail is  impacting enough that would take precedence over seeing  a teary-eyed mother or father seeing their daughter in their dress for the last time as their little girl,  I certainly will never jeopardize missing a “moment” in order to get a shot of the wedding cake and flowers…it just won’t happen!   As a primary photographer, I am ultimately responsible for  all aspects on my clients wedding day and this is why building a strong photography team that will help achieve this on a wedding day is key and my mission.

Planning your wedding is important, but planning a perfect marriage is crucial and it doesn’t start with the selection of a dress, cake, candy bar, flowers, never-ending pins on Pinterest, or even a venue.  Treasure  that which will make YOU feel something when you look at it, your wedding photos, a day to be cherished for many years of your life and beyond your own life. When we are gone all that is left are the memories, pretty photos are nice to look at but your album should be filled with photos of you, your new spouse,  and the celebration  of the uniting of two families!

Have an amazing time planning your perfect wedding!

Mother of the bride getting readyMother and bride sharing special moments in anticipation…..