The First LOOK!

Wedding Timeline and Photography…Feeling Crunched? Consider a “First LOOK”

Your wedding day is all about YOU, I am in no way shape or form, forcing my preference onto my clients about this topic. However, as a Wedding Professional since the late 90’s, it is my obligation to provide this information and option to you. If I feel that your timeline is too tight, I may suggest the First Look, but again, this is ONLY a suggestion or an option provided if you feel your timeline will not allow for the photographs you so rightfully deserve and want!

What is a First Look?

A First Look is an intimate moment (pre-ceremony), which the couple organizes whereas they see each other intimately and privately. It is usually directed by the photo & video team and it is the ONLY moment of the day where the couple share some “alone” time, see each other, express special messages and sometimes exchange their gifts. The entire moment is photographed therefore sharing this moment with their entire family at a later time as well as friends and loved ones. (Scroll down to view photo examples and to read MORE…..)


WHY a First Look?

The First Look is something a more modern and trendy bride who really cares about enjoying her day and getting the BEST photographs possible may consider and here’s why!

Intimate moment with her groom. We have two photographers covering BOTH the bride and groom therefore capturing their reactions when they first see each other.

Choosing to have this at the ceremony and capturing both bride and grooms expression is never guaranteed. Keep in mind videographers or guests may by in the aisles with their cell phones, iPads and such. It can happen where photographers are blocked from getting “the shot.”

Immediately after the First Look, we photograph the “Romantics” which is truly genuine and emotional…imagine all the glances smiles and butterflies, they make for un-rushed and non-stressed portraiture.


Following the Romantics, the Bridal Party joins us and we go right into Bridal Party portraits. THIS is great because again, they are non-rushed, and we will get these all out of the way so the Bridal Party can, with the Bride & Groom, enjoy the Cocktail Hour with their guests!


And last but NEVER least….Family Formal Portraits! This can be some of the most stressful portraits of the day. Organizing large groups will take longer as well as posing and not to mention getting folks to listen and cooperate. Additionally, special accommodations must be made for elderly and disabled as well as lighting setups if we are fighting the sun or extreme weather conditions. Imagine getting this all done BEFORE the ceremony! HIGH FIVE major accomplishment!


Things to consider and plan for in the wedding day timeline, if you choose NOT to have the First Look:

Immediately after the ceremony you must allow for enough time for the following:

Bridal Party Photos
Family Formals and

About a total of 1.5-2 hours, depending on locations and how many sets in your family formals.

Plan carefully. You whom are my priority, may not receive the TLC and time with each other and with me in order to get the beautiful photography you hired me for. Depending on how much time you allow for photography will determine the outcome, I will do my absolute best, however, working in a rushed nature is not the best circumstances especially if this is to be a romantic quiet, and intimate moment as newlyweds. If I feel we will not have sufficient time, we may need to scale down or leave it out entirely. If my clients are ok with not getting certain shots, I have to oblige them, but, I would not be fulfilling my position if I do not mention it to you.

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When Romantics are designated “after” the ceremony:

Details and Room Shots. Your hard work in planning and designing your beautiful day deserves to be captured. If we are rushing with formals, romantics and such, there is a high probability that after cocktail hour is over, guests will be allowed into the room thus placing purses, iPhones and other things on tables as well as jackets on chairs, and at that point the entire room shot is a wash. Details like cake and flowers will most likely have people in the shots.

I have enclosed photos as a sample of some of the most important memories to be captured on your day. If you plan accordingly and allow for the time necessary for these photographs, then perhaps will not need a First Look, but if you are frazzled, and cannot see a way out, consider a First Look.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. and happy planning! We will see you and celebrate with you VERY soon!

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