Stefania’s Quinceañera Surprise | Berkeley Tilden Park Quinceañera

I did not have a daughter in this lifetime, but if I did, I would be honored to have one as beautiful, loving, spirited, and intelligent as Stefania. Truly it is a pleasure to have photographed her since the age of 5 and to see her blossom from just a little girl into a beautiful young lady. I’m also thrilled to have her as a next door neighbor, to see her and her siblings share so much love with each other, their parents, their friends, family and even me! And to Luz and Joel, bravo for following The Lord’s plan to raise a child from heaven on this earth. Feliz “Surprise Quinceanera”, and here you thought you were just having portraits made! Happy Birthday Stefania!

Here’s a handful of my favorites, but there are so many many more!

Berkeley Quinceanera Photography