Shooting Second like a FIRST! – San Francisco Wedding Photography Workshop

What a blast we had at one of my first “Second Shooter/Assistant Workshop” held in San Francisco on May 18th!  We had a full class of fabulous eager and already somewhat experienced second shooters and assistants.

I was inspired to put together this workshop since last year but my schedule just would not allow it.  I then attempted to organize one early Spring, knowing all too well,  wedding season was about to get going, but, again, time was of the essence.  So you can imagine how happy I was to put out feelers and get such an overwhelming response, I actually had to place folks on a waiting list for the next one.

If you are contemplating either becoming an assistant or a Second Shooter for a Wedding or Event Photographer, this is the ideal workshop for you.  Some of the things we covered were basic camera settings, and why you need to know them as well as on-the-fly lighting techniques that can help your mind to go from chaos to chamomile! The attendees had great questions and it was great to hear where everyone was at with their photography, where they are headed and the most important factor, WHY they want to do this?  The HOW can be taught and discovered, the WHY is really going to shape us as people, artists, and yes photographers.

We were fortunate to have a lovely couple, recently engaged, Jenna & Hector who were more than gracious and patient as we trotted through the streets of the San Francisco Mission District!

If you are interested in attending one of my WORKSHOPS, or would like one on one mentorship, I would love to hear from you!  Contact me at and let’s get this party started!

Check out our calendar for the latest workshops and I hope to see you there!

Part of our workshop also covered some setups with lighting to create a bit of drama or “mood” to a shot — See here the setup and the shot with off camera lighting


The main factor in this workshop is creating an image from the position of secondary or third photographer, meaning thinking outside the box to get a nice shot for you primary


We also discussed to shoot the non-obvious, and details are part of it as well.  Basically, shoot what your primary IS NOT shooting.  Add to and help your primary tell a complete story.  Oh and NO OVER THE SHOULDER shooting!  NEVER!

San Francisco Wedding Photography Workshop

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Rarely do I like Behind-the-scenes photos of me at work, but I love this photo made by Kelcey Foster from the East Coast whom came out to meet and help


during our workshop.  She snapped this with her iPhone….Thanks Kelcey!

What the attendees are saying:

“Thank you to Barbara for sharing so much fantastic information with us all so generously.” Lisa Hermes

“It was a super fun & informative workshop…i learned alot during your lecture & Live Shoot…thank you very much for doing it!” Kenny Chow

“Barbara, great experience. You’re a clear teacher!” Shoey Sindel