A Pinole Engagement Session – Serena & Greg

Pinole Engagement Photo

What do you get when you mix Harley Davidson motorcycles, The Oakland Raiders, Nike town shoe shopping with Tweety Bird, church, and frequent visits to Disneyland? You get an amazing couple like Serena & Greg!

I had the pleasure of recently meeting Serena, a young and beautiful medical professional who also works occasionally as a model. She is the sweetest thing since bubble gum and I just adore her spirit, her graciousness and her grand appreciation and love of her mother and father, her family and her friends. I could go on and on but another something special Serena possesses is her ability to engage people with her own excitement. After our first meeting, I was hooked, even to the point of looking online at sunflowers and other garden ideas for her up and coming wedding. I am telling you folks, this gal is awesome! We stay in touch through Facebook and we follow each other on Pinterest, we share inspirations and I am very excited to have been chosen to photograph their upcoming Fall wedding to say the least!

This past weekend, I had the honors to finally meet Greg during the engagement shoot, and found him to be a very handsome and striking young gentleman. Whenever I hear words like Harley Davidson and The Raiders, I immediately think big and tough, and although he has a certain Hollywood fetish and flair, he’s pretty cool, he was a lot of fun and a great sport during the engagement session, how many times did we move that bike? Oh and if his kind nature and good looks isn’t enough, the guys got some MAD SKILLS….his profession is one that he can literally build a house from the ground up, with all the fixin’s too!

As a couple they love to go to the movies, the gym, Serena will shop at Old Navy while Greg is looking for some hot new kicks at the Nike Store. They have a love for the outdoors which includes beachfront, lakes, boating, jet ski’s travel, and their beloved furry friend “Katy”….. anything as long as they are together! Dating since Junior High school, and with all that couples endure during an extended time, it is always a beautiful thing to see them as they grow together and now as they get one step closer to make it official and start a family as husband and wife!

Last Thanksgiving, and in front of family and friends who knew “something was up”, Greg proposed to Serena……have any idea what the answer was? YEAH baby! And now come this Fall, there is going to be a fabulous wedding. I am getting chills as I type this which is a good indication for me to just let their photos speak for themselves.

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Serena and Greg from YStudio Photography on Vimeo.