Sayonara Kimono — Kon’nichiwa Erin and Michael!

A few weeks ago, I received one of the most unique inquiries for wedding photography.  Erin called my studio but I had already seen photos of her sent by our preferred Hair and Makeup Vendor and friend, Teresa Reynolds from their recent styling trial.  I knew I was in for quite an experience.  I could not believe Erin had not yet selected a photographer and after chatting a few times and an email or two, she decided we were a good fit,  I could not agree more!


20150830-164824-Edit One of the bittersweet or daunting moments from the beginning of the experience was the love and respect she had for her Kimono, yes being part of her culture this is to be expected, but when she spoke of her plans to deconstruct the piece to incorporate it into her wedding gown train, this was something I would have never foreseen.  We both agreed that a portrait session prior to this was imperative and I almost insisted as she did.


Collage 2


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It was very difficult to hold off posting this shoot, but in respect to their wedding day, we held off !  Today, I am happy to say this amazing couple tied the knot on Sunday, September 20th at the lovely Monterey Bay Aquarium and we are happy to share a PEEK!  Aside from being surrounded by many friends and family, they were surrounded by The Open Sea Tank and many beautiful visions of sea life in currents far and wide  while searching for food.  I love this setting for many reasons, this being one of the reasons they chose this location, and because this was the very first time I have photographed here.

Please come back soon to view special and key moments from their wedding day, we are certainly excited about this one, you just might love it too! And if you haven’t LIKED us yet on our Facebook page, please do so!