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I was excited to receive an email from Jenny Wells of Wedding Feet, she was enthusiastic and thanked me as well for many of my blogs which she often visited and referred to.  When she brought up the idea to feature her as a Guest blogger, I was happy to oblige.  Jenny has a background as a Wedding Stylist and has quite a following, and like me, is always happy to come to a bride’s rescue.

Without further, here’s Jenny, please make her feel welcomed by leaving a comment and visiting her blog as well.  And now….Jenny Wells

What to Do With Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are one of the most important things that you will have after your wedding.  These photos will capture all of your wonderful memories of your wedding – from the ceremony to the cake to the flowers to the love you shared with your groom.  Many brides often wonder what to do with their wedding photos after wards.  They often have a wedding album, but don’t know what else they should do.  Here are 5 of the best things you can do to make your wedding photos last a lifetime.

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1.       Show Them Off:  A gorgeous way to remember your wedding is to choose a few photos that are significant to you and display them around the house.  Many couples enlarge and frame  one or two photos to make them look  dramatic.  These photos are much more personal and are a great way to decorate your home, and should be considered “fine art photography.”    Some couples love to have portraits in their bedroom as a reminder of their love.

Leather Willbook Sequoia in Ivory with  open spine and  flush mount album

2.       Use them in your wedding Thank You Cards:  One great way to send a thank you to your guests is to use your wedding photos to make a beautiful thank you card.  You can either do it in a collage or just select a few key photos that you loved.  This will help your guests remember the great time they had at your wedding and also make the thank you card a lot more personal.

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3.       Make wedding books:  One of the best things to do with your wedding photos is to make wedding albums for your parents and close family.  Think of all of the people that helped you plan and prepare for the wedding, what better way to thank them than to put together a special album with many of their pictures and yours to give to them?  This is such a special day for them as well and having something to remember it by is one of the gifts they’ll treasure forever.

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4.       Celebrate Your Anniversary:  Once a year, on your anniversary, you will think back to that fantastic wedding day that you shared with your husband.  When you do this, you’ll definitely want to see the wedding photos.  On your wedding anniversary, use the day to look through the wedding albums and your different photos to remember your vows and the special details of your wedding.  Many brides like looking through these albums to remind them of all of the fun they had finding their wedding dress and  wedding shoes, while grooms like to look at the fun pictures they took.  This will help the two of you remember why you got married and renew those special vows.

10x10 art leather wedding album with gold foil stamping

5.       Frame them for the office:  A great present to give to your husband is a frame with a fun wedding photo for his office.  This way, he’ll have a great picture of the two of you to show to his co-workers and friends.  It’s always nice to make the office feel more like home and what better way than a picture of the two of you looking happy on your wedding day.

10x10 art leather wedding album with gold foil stamping

There are many other things to do with your wedding photos that cherish great memories for you, your groom, and your family.  We’ve shared some of our favorites, but we know there are so many other creative ways to remember your wedding day.  Most importantly, don’t forget to book your photographer early so you will have the option of using your beautiful photos for many things.

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About Jenny Wells:  Jenny Wells is a wedding stylist and writer for  She is one of 6 shoe stylists who select the best  bridal shoes to display from all of the online stores.  She has helped countless brides put together their wedding day outfits from the dress to the hairpiece to the bridal shoes.  She also writes about her style selections on the WeddingFeet blog.

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