Guest Interview with Mimi of Creative Designs by Mimi

After four seasons of a flourishing  friendship and working together on a few gorgeous photo shoots together, I felt the urge to re=publish our first Q&A together.  Along with the new collections, and my personal new brand, it couldn’t be more perfect!  Thanks Mimi for a great four years and running!
Enjoy the Q&A and the gorgeous collection of invitations by Mimi Rodriguez of Creative Designs by Mimi.
BJ: Hello Mimi, we want to welcome you and thank you  for joining us this morning and sharing the wonderful world of the Creative Designs by Mimi, truly you inspire so many, including us!
Mimi: Awww…  Thank you Barbara!  I’m pleased to be able to talk with you and your readers today!

BJ: Ok so brides want to know, WHY take the time and make the investment in the Wedding Invitation?

Mimi: Because the invitation is the very first glimpse of their wedding day.  And having a beautiful wedding invitation gives the receiver an idea of what to expect at the wedding and leaves them excited to attend!

BJ: What can you offer as far as ideas an encouragement for “eco-friendly” brides?

Mimi: Creative Designs offers a line of eco-friendly material for invitation stationery.  We also can have the invitation printed with soy based ink.  This is outsourced, however.  We also offer beautiful designs that can be changed to a jpeg should they want to email their invitations instead.  J  We have done this many times!

BJ: Can you share with us in the  HOW you come up with these amazing works of art?

Mimi: *blush* Well, I love art and design.  I guess you can say… I design in my sleep!  But I research all the new trends and make sure to be on top of what today’s brides are looking for.  I also get inspired by other wedding professionals, such as photographers, florists, wedding planners, etc…

BJ: Do you ever come across clients whom just say “go ahead and do what you do?”  If not, how do you get ideas from the bride to create the right look and feel for their event?

Mimi: Yes!  I do.    And what fun!  But also, I offer free invitation consultations.  This helps both the brides and me to get to know each other and this way; I can learn what my client/brides are specifically looking for.  By the time the designs are finished, they are something we both have created… only… I do all the work for them!


BJ: Besides gorgeous wedding invitation, monograms, and stationery, what other invites and stationery do you offer?

Mimi: I offer invitations for birthdays, both adult and children, I also offer anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, holiday, baby, and anything else someone wants to celebrate!  I am also so excited to offer beautiful Silk Boxes!



BJ: The holidays are near, do you have any special collections you are offering for Holiday Cards, etc.?

Mimi: Yes!  I have been busy these past couple of weeks designing many new holiday cards and greetings and I am excited to share them soon!


BJ: Tell us who and what inspires you on a daily basis?

Mimi: Well, I see through my “designing eyes” all the time so I can be walking in the park with my son and see something beautiful, simple or fun and think of a design.  I am inspired by everything!  But I think that every time someone calls me and tells me they are interested in invitations, no matter what the occasion, I get so excited to be able to start a new design and my head goes in all different ways!  My clients inspire me so much too!

BJ: Tell us ONE thing your clients or prospective clients would never know about you.

Mimi: Haha!  I LOVE music and when I am all alone working on designs, I am listening to my music super loud….lately it’s REGGAE!  Haha!  I love it!   I also get this adrenaline ‘high’ when I am about to design a new design for a new client.  My ideas start popping out of my head and I can’t wait to start!  And if I am not in my studio, I have to stop and write my ideas down so I can start on it as soon as I am back in my studio!  (silly, I know!)

BJ: What Association Memberships do you belong to and how have they helped your business?

Mimi: I belong to NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) – San Francisco Chapter.  And I am on the Board of Directors.  Also, The Wedding Connection – East Bay.  Being a part of these organizations has helped my business because I have had the opportunity to meet so many incredibly talented wedding professionals who have taught me so much by their designs, projects, ideas and conversations I have had with them.  I have also been honored to call many of them my friends.  And this means that we all help each other.  I love it!

BJ: Are your collections available internationally? Online, telephone orders, etc.?

Mimi: Yes.  Anything.  I actually have worked with many clients who live across the United States and liked and ordered a design on my website that they saw.  What a compliment!


BJ: Anything else you would like to share with everybody about the importance of the invitation?

Mimi: Your wedding invitation is a beautiful and memorable part of the event.  And because you are working with me from start to finish, I take pride in creating your invitations.  They become a treasured keepsake for you, your family and guests.  So many times, I am asked to print extras because their Aunties or Grandma’s wanted to keep one.  And the fact that something that I made will be a part of their history…  This makes me smile.

BJ: Mimi, we would like to thank you for again providing the world with such beautiful and memorable collections, congratulations, and best wishes in 2011!

*Photography of Mimi’s creations by  Barbara Jacqueline c. 2104

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