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How fortunate are we as wedding photographers to meet so many fabulous people from so many different walks of lives, locations and stories! Truly I am touched at each and every story I hear from couples that come to me for their wedding day photography, and I am humbled to say the least, when they choose ME as their photographer.

Other moments when I am just as touched is when a colleague or another professional photographer calls me to assist on a wedding shoot they have. Not only is the excitement from shooting another wedding, but it is from the trust they have placed in me and my abilities to cover one of “their” own clients. Of course each principal photographer will have their shooting style and other technical aspects, and this is important to remember. However, it is crucial that we as photographers who are chosen to assist in wedding day coverage for another photographer, to remember to stay true to ourselves and focus on WHY we were chosen in the first place. A second photographer not only covers events with a different angle, the goal is also to offer different perspectives and to show clients ALL that is going on during one given moment.

Photos from this wedding were shot for Lynn Kai Chao

In other words, let’s say the principal photographer is photographing the bride and groom at the alter exchanging vows, what I like doing during this emotionally packed moment is to watch parents, grandparents and other key members of the families. THIS is just as important if not just as important as what is going on at the altar. Remember, the bride and groom work hard to make sure their wedding day is perfect, our goal as photographers is to capture each and every scene and emotional burst, whenever possible.

Photos from this wedding were shot for Joseph Pascua

Sonoma Marriott Wedding
Photos from this wedding were shot for Brian MacStay

Another reason why I work so hard as a second is bottom line, to help the principal get his or her shots which will complete the entire story for their clients. Regardless of whether my shots make the wedding album or not, clients yearn to see their entire day, and THIS is what I vow to do as when I am second shooting. Keep in mind the principal photographer will most likely be with the bride and her girls and the second will be with the groom and covering him and the guys. Now imagine, if you are a bride and groom and when receiving your photos from your photographer, all you see in anticipation to the ceremony is the bride getting ready. Now don’t get me wrong, a brides coverage is always beautiful packed with emotions and plain ole yummy. However, the bride deserves to see what her groom was also doing in anticipation for the walk down the aisle. Think about it, this all completes the story, and at the end of the day, they are precious moments indeed!

Photos for this wedding were shot for Lisa Conrad

I always include second shooters in my own personal wedding collections, the reason being, it is just plain worth it! Clients can see why……in the photography.

And here are some more favorites from weddings where I assisted as a second Photographer. Once again a shout out and many thanks to my colleagues now friends, Lynn Kai Chao, Brian Mac Stay, Lisa Conrad, and Joseph Pascua … thanks for having me as part of your clients special day!

A few more of my personal Favorites as a second shooter…..Enjoy!