OOH baby baby!!!

San Francisco Newborn baby Photographer

Many of you whom follow my work know that I work mainly with couples, weddings and fashion….the reality is what follows weddings?  OOH baby baby you guessed!  BABIES!  I am humbled  each time I am called to capture a child’s first little milestone, their first official shoot is really something special and it’s just as important to me as it is to parents!

Just a few days ago I posted a BLOG about preparing for the first shoot, and although I warn my clients that newborns are unpredictable, I work tirelessly to make sure I capture all the little moments and everything that is happening around them.  Often I let my clients know that regardless whether or not the babies cooperate with being smooshed and mooshed into all those cozy little poses,  I don’t want parents to panic, I will get those little babies somehow!  Another thing to prepare for is “lifestyle” sessions.  In the event they jut won’t settle,  (it hasn’t happened to me yet), the portrait session will then become a Lifestyle or Day in the Life session.  And guess what?  It’s still a newborn shoot and still gorgeous I promise!  Key is to enjoy each and every precious minute and to capture even what one thinks was not possible.

If you are anticipation your little one, I am also available to capture “Live Birth Documentaries”, meet my own grandson….Michael Angelo born just a year ago! View the slideshow HERE 

Please contact me if you have any questions!