Preparing for your Newborn Session

Bay Area Newborn Photographer
Congratulations!!!! You’ve booked your very first photography session with our studio!  We welcome your new addition and  look forward to creating and documenting beautiful time life pieces of your new family!

Ok, take a breath, we got this and soon you too will see how easy it is once you know we’ve got your back!  This is a wonderfully joyous time and we want not only to gather a lovely collection of photographs of your child/ren, we want the entire experience to be memorable.  Here are some ways to prepare for your up and coming session.  Please feel free to ask questions, we expect you too!  Happy prepping!

 Be YOUnique!  If you follow my work, by now you will see I am all about storytelling, newborns are no different, even though this is the beginning of their story, it is not the beginning of your family story.  We will provide you with a questionnaire which you can fill out online and at your leisure.  Sharing with us all the little details about your lifestyle and your story, is key in the approach of how we will capture your baby/babies.

  1. Location – At this stage in your babies life, it is imperative that we shoot wherever your child is comfortable and where YOU can be at ease.  This can be either at our home natural light space, or this can be at your home if you choose.  Your baby is getting familiar with new scents, and energies and I find that when newborns are more comfortable, this allows for parents to be as well, we will  all will feed off of each other and this creates an environment which will aid greatly in creating the pieces for you.
  2. Props and clothing – This is a crucial part of WHY you booked me.   I for one, do NOT specialize in using your child as a prop, or even guaranteeing your newborn will allow this.  My best advice,  and I say this to all of my clients, “be prepared”, in this I mean, do not expect anything.  Babies are highly unpredictable and they can and will surprise you.  By the way, the best props are family heirlooms, a comforter grandma knitted,  an heirloom piece of jewelry (yes this can also means wedding rings), or any piece of symbolic treasures passed on from past generations.  These items will be cherished for many years, and now you will have a photograph to preserve that memory…PRICELESS!
  3. Newborn sessions are generally done within the first 10 days of their birth, understand as well they will  turn into family sessions as the little ones get hungry or restless and they need attention, my camera does NOT take a break, so be ready to also be captured with your precious one, we encourage it in fact, everyone and everything surrounding your little one will be photographed, if there’s chaos, we want to photograph it, don’t worry you will love it! Pets and siblings are highly encouraged as well.  Again, this is your child’s new life experience — my goal is to document it and provide impacting storytelling moments which you can look back to remember everything.
  4. Sessions are scheduled from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., this is the best time for babies but please let us know how this time fits in with you and your family.  I know you probably want a few sleeping shots, trust me we will get those, but the interactive shots are even more special.  After the play they will sleep eventually.
  5. What I need — Window light is preferable and patience 🙂 There is nothing worse for a newborn than a frustrated parent or sibling. please don’t think I am in a rush or watching the clock, I have experience enough to know that I too arrive with zero expectations other than to work for the shots, and, whatever it takes.
  6. What to have ready — Portable heater or keep your child warm, heating pad, blankets, baby wipes, extra diapers, towels, outfits, props and whatever we discuss prior for styling.  Your baby wants to hear, smell and feel YOU,   you and your significant other will be my assistants for the session, I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  7. Soothing sounds —  Liquid Mind is my favorite as well as babies, but again, your baby wants and needs to hear YOUR voices as well we will not need to be completely silent if they sleep or are having a tough moment.
  8. The entire family and everyone involved in daily life expected to be present, including pets, this means if I come to your home and you are in PJ’s get ready to smile for the camera!
  9. And if your baby just doesn’t feel like it simply be prepared for a photo journalistic approach and “Day in the Life” type of a session, still gorgeous and filled with story telling moments and memories!
  10. Just relax—it will be casual and simple, and the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby and the rest of the family will be, too. Enjoy this opportunity to bond and start out a lifelong tradition of captured moments.