Classic San Francisco City Hall Wedding

When you think of a City Hall wedding, you probably imagine things like standing in line taking a number, and being harried into position as your guests are positioned and waiting for the 10-minute ceremony! Nothing wrong with that but at San Francisco’s City Hall, there are such things as Saturday weddings in the Rotunda.

Take the wedding of Fran & Jesse, not only Classic San Franciscans who tied the entire theme with a classical elegant touch, they brought in personal cultural elements of the “cranes” and other lovely details. The bride gorgeous and radiant was walked into the room to the lovely tune of Tony Bennett’s “I Left my Heart in San Francisco.” Family and friends helped with decoration and they all came together to share an enjoy an afternoon filled with much love, emotion and good cheer.

We wish the happy couple many years of marital bliss as well as an awesome CHEERS as they head out to a lavish honeymoon in the Caribbean Seas!