Rina and Paul – San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography

There isn’t anything better in this business than receiving a referral from a previous happy client and bride whom is still ecstatic about her own wedding. This is how I came to meet and work with this awesome couple.

Rina, an excited bride to be, contacted me regarding her Valentines San Francisco City Hall wedding. Already a complete happy little family with a vivacious and talented 7 year old, they are a true joy to have met and photographed on such a lovely milestone. Every wedding is extraordinary indeed because their unique for each and every individual client and I relish each time I’m privileged to share in their stories and their lives!

See here why this City Hall wedding is no ordinary wedding as well, along with their little one, this was a complete wedding in every sense of the word small intimate but gorgeous and romantic! A couple of days after the ceremony the couple revealed their wedding elopement to their family and friends on valentines night and we were happy to have joined them again. Join me in the celebration and help me congratulate Rina, Paul and Marcellus!