If it’s LOVE… it’s Rebecca & Jared | A San Francisco Engagement

If there is ONE thing I believe in besides LOVE, it has to be “fate!” Anyone that knows me knows that I live by a personal motto…”what’s meant to be will be!”

And with that being said, meet Rebecca and Jared, a lively and active San Francisco couple whose tying the knot this summer at the historical Cliff House at Ocean Beach.

This pair is no ordinary pair their lives came together when they met at a 2010 San Francisco event, Jared saw Rebecca, and that was enough to inspire him to start the conversation. But the story gets juicier! Years prior, Jared whose from the East Coast headed for the State of Florida to finish high school and college. Rebecca, a San Francisco native, took off for DC for schooling herself. Who would have thought that years later they would both end up on Capitol Hill, working on the same campaign, and not meet??? Nope, not this time …. see what I mean?

Rebecca loves to be active politically and socially, nature, travels, her pup Charlie, self help and inspiration magazines and she loves music, but mostly, her family is her greatest love of all. Jared is also active politically and physically, loves nature, good music, loves his family, as well as being silly and having fun! He is already planning on some FUN stuff to do at the wedding for the photography, and I say “bring it!”

I was so inspired with this pair as Jared put together their fabulous wedding website and shared these words “Thousands of miles, years apart, many challenges and decisions along the way lead them to each other. Believe in destiny or fate because it happened to them.”

The rest is THEM! Enjoy the sneak peek, the slideshow cause if it’s LOVE … it’s Rebecca & Jared, I think you will agree!