PRODUCT REVIEW – Yescom USA Foldable Photography Light Reflector

If I tell you it was Christmas in November, would you believe me? Well for YStudio Photography it was! We received an email from Yescom USA
asking us if we would like to write a review for their Foldable Photography Light Reflector. And seeing that I needed a new one … we could not resist and so we agreed!!

Not only was their personnel friendly, prompt and courteous, they were as anxious to get us the products as we were to receive them. As San Francisco Wedding Photographers, we are constantly looking for new gadgets, gear and other ways to improve our workflow in the studio and on-location.

The package arrived via FedEx and although we had a packed week of photo sessions, we had the opportunity to set it up and shoot products all day long. The packaging was prepared in a manner that the gear was safe and protected. It was easy to unpack and setup, and we got to work right away! The light stand itself is very sturdy and easy to set up as well as the arm grip. The grip holders are pretty much self explanatory and the entire setup took us just a few minutes to put together. We look forward to taking this gadget on-location for portrait shoots it can easily serve many purposes such as diffusion, reflector, an as a portable backdrop in either black or white! The unit comes with a removable cover with a total of five colors to choose from: gold, silver, white, black and translucent which makes for easy diffusion or to block out the sun if you take it on-location. I highly recommend a sandbag for support.

At this price, it’s amazing how many pieces one receives, many light stands alone cost about the same, I look forward to continue shooting and using this setup…..I have taken a few photos of my setup and I eagerly give this product a thumbs up for this price you just can’t get anything better.