On location Arkansas and Memphis Fashion Photographer

A Winter Garden Party

Hair, Makeup, and Styling:  Teresa Reynolds 

Model:  Mary Rosenberger _F0A4872 _F0A4923 _F0A4925 _F0A4949 _F0A4985 BLOG2 _F0A5002-Edit BLOG

White Lightning Crop Duster  

Hair, Makeup, and Styling:  Teresa Reynolds

Model:  Mary Rosenberger


Peach Milk Handbags

Hair & Makeup:  Teresa Reynolds 

Wardrobe & Styling:  Teresa Reynolds/Mary Rosenberger

Mary Rosenberger, Model and Designer

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Rebel Art

Hair : Whitney Everett Gicking, Memphis, TN

Makeup: Teresa Reynolds  

Wardrobe & Styling:  Whitney Everett Gicking

Model:  Mary Rosenberger

_F0A5845 Whitney Collage1 _F0A6297 _F0A6000

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