Noir et blanc mode – San Francisco Fashion Photography


As a San Francisco Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer, I love it when I meet models from all parts of the world who contact me to photograph them for their portfolios, it is exciting to build concepts and scout locations and come up with a nice story as well as a depiction of their individuality and special features.



Theo who is from France, and Renate of Norway both contracted me for their first and final photo shoot in San Francisco prior to their departures.  They love, embrace and wish to return to San Francisco and although I wish them both a Bon Voyage, I know they will return.  In the meantime, and by means of my work, looks like my photography will be traveling all over the world.  Wish I could go with them…..;O)

Here’s a peek into our shoot in San Francisco’s Financial District last Sunday morning, please return as there is much more to see including a fusion video slideshow.