Mia’s Sweet 16 | San Francisco Quinceanera Photographers

Oh me oh my! What can we say about beautiful Mia (whose name actually means “mine!?”). Well, we can start by mentioning her up and coming Gala Celebration of her 16 years of LIFE!  Not only beautiful, talented and school worthy, she is by far a talented and motivated young lady.

She’s also  an extra special young lady at YStudio as I have known her mother Cindy and the family since my own childhood.  Honestly,  there is no better feeling than to receive a call from a parent asking me to capture a very special moment in their lives and when it comes to long time family friends, that makes it extra special!

Like most kids her age, Mia enjoys today’s R&B music, and live performances and videos. A few extras includes her  love and passion for fashion styling, performing with her violin at local  Renaissance Faires, basketball where her position this year will be “point.”  What teenager doesn’t love to shop?  Her mom reveals that when she shops she heads to the sales racks to grab the good deals, and she aspires to one day becoming a veterinarian.  She has a great love for her  brother and her mother and she contributes 100+ hours each year in community service, well beyond the required 15 hours.  And we cannot forget to mention one of her most treasured possessions, “Hercules”, whom you will see is quite a dapper feller in some of her photos!  Hercules behaved so well during the shoot and even though we photographed outdoors during some chilly temperatures which  involved high winds as well, he was a trooper and did not bark once!  What a cutie!

I met up with Cindy, Mia, Aliana (her best friend whom also assisted on hair, makeup and wardrobe),  and Hercules at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor, one of the most prestigious Fine Art museums of the city,  and we later hopped over to the San Francisco Embarcadero 5’s Hyatt Regency Hotel, yes at this point we were freezing!  Enjoy some of the scenes from our shoot, and yes Mia had TWO dresses to ROCK!!!

Congratulations Mia, we look forward to photographing your 16th birthday gala later this summer!  Cheers!

Enjoy some of our favorites from her San Francisco photoshoot!