Melinda + Daniel a FAB-O CABO Couple!

As I work on a particular image from a recent Engagement shoot we had with Melinda and Daniel, I felt the need to really look at this image. I am thinking “what are they feeling this very moment?” Can you imagine? A couple that will soon set sail for Cabo San Lucas, Baja del Sur Mexico, to tie the just a few days! It also makes me feel strongly about our dedication to our clients, yes, create beautiful images, but, we as wedding photographers have a duty much more serious than this….and that is to preserve these moments for our clients. Not only do we want our clients to have fun, some romancing during the shoot, and yes sometimes there are tears of sheer joy and emotion, we want them to be able to treasure these moments and look at their photos years from now and recall exactly how they felt at that particular moment.
Daniel refers to my husband Wayne and myself as “sun chasers”, and we loved that because it shows just how involved our clients are in the shoot and we so need that in order to capture awesome moments. I am humbled each time our phone rings and an excited bride or groom inquires about wedding day photography, it is an honor to say the least. And although not every client will be “our” client”, we still love chatting with potentials and introducing who we are as photographers and just how “involved” with our clients we get during this entire journey. I insist as a matter of fact, of staying in touch with my clients, creating Pinterest boards together, talking about all the little details that are not so little to some, helping them with their photography timeline, and anyway we can help to tell their story by photography. Keep in mind, of all the wedding vendors, photographers are there before the wedding, the ENTIRE day of the wedding, and we still have work to do after the wedding….we HAVE to love each other!
The other part of our excitement with this awesome couple is that although we are ecstatic about joining them on their journey towards nuptial bliss, this journey also involves some traveling! Yes, we are off to Cabo with Melinda, Daniel and about 75 destination wedding guests! Can you believe most of us, including bride and groom-to-be will be on the same flight?! My camera is foaming at the mouth as I am, but I need to contain myself because we’ve got gear to pack, lists to make and last minute arrangements back home and at the studio. Nonetheless, with less than 5 days til we take off, we cannot stay still!
So it’s time to meet them for yourselves, Melinda, Daniel and their two beloved furry family members, Luke and Capone! Congrats again to this FABO Cabo couple, and we will see YOU when we get back!