Meet Michael Angelo – my love, my life, my Grandson!

My mother, also a photographer,  always use to say “one loves their children but one LOVESSSSSSS their grandchildren!”  I think I understood what she meant, but as an adult it seems there are flags everywhere at every turn of a corner, and they hit you when you least expect them to.  Mom was right! AGAIN!

Michael Angelo came bouncing into the world this past summer, July 8th to be exact, and being that today is January 8th, it is my grandson’s sixth month of LIFE… and what a life he has given us all!  I now know exactly what mom meant!  Nothing short of a miracle from God, I am ecstatic to call myself a grandma!  Here’s a glimpse into his LIVE birth, his life and his 6 months in  front of the grandma’s camera… think he minds?

Grandma loves to sing to him, and I think he likes it too… my grandson Michael Angelo….our sweet and precious Angel for sure!