Looking out for your clients? Sales tips that benefit everyone!

Good morning and happy TGIF everybody! I couldn’t wait to finish my coffee this morning and start blogging about something that’s been in my noodle all night long.Recently I met with a wonderful couple who’s going to be tying the knot in just a few weeks and guess who’s photographing their wedding? Yes, you guessed right! As honored as I am, and I was also taken by some of the things that we covered during our meeting…the timeline, and somehow their budget! If there’s anything I’ve learned as a small business owner, offering options to clients has to be up there with providing an excellent overall experience.

Yes I offer full signature collections for my clients but I also offer ala carte options if a couple prefers to purchase as they go.  However what really surprises me is when couples go back and forth with deciding between things such as a limousine or a Wedding Album. Are you kidding me? Nothing against limo or transport companies, but with all due respect, isn’t a wedding album one of the couples very first family heirlooms besides their rings? I would not be serving my client if I didn’t interject somehow, tastefully, I might add. As a photographer, showing a couple an album or wall art, a tangible item they can see, touch and treasure goes a long way, besides I also advise all of my clients that any car with the right photographer and camera approach can “look” like a limo 😉 and of course I mentioned UBER XL cars! Think  about it, a cake vendor would easily recommend the right type of wedding cake for the right type of situation (summer, winter, freshness, decor, etc.) , I mean this is why we are pros and we were hired in the first place.

The couple is still considering a limo but they’re definitely investing in their wedding album as well as wall gallery art. Who wants a cd disk of images that will collect dust in a drawer somewhere?
You will be successful with “sales” when it’s not quite about the sale but about serving the needs of your clients. Remember when they let go and let the pros, we have their interest at heart. It’s a win win!!!

Have a great Friday and I can’t wait to hear from some of your own success stories. Please feel free to share and comment herein, our readers would like to know …..