Julie + Mike = An elegant San Francisco City Hall Wedding

When I think of things I could say about Julie and Mike, my heart gets warm. I think you would agree with me when you see for yourselves, the smiles and glances this couple has for each other. Now don’t get me wrong, most newlyweds, have this glance, but I have to say and with my experience, this is no ordinary couple! Just mention Julie’s name to Mike and watch him light up like a Christmas tree! Julie soft, elegant and timeless as she is still blushes at the mention of the love of her life! Who would have thought walking into Santana Row’s Pizza Antica that she would walk out not only with a slice of pizza, but with a phone number, a slice of love, and a bright new future filled of bliss!

I loved when Julie first contacted me and began to share their story regarding their search for a wedding photographer, you see, Mike himself is a well-known and highly acclaimed photographer, without getting into details, his work is brilliant and world renowned! Can you imagine, the pressure? Well, simply focusing on what I do best, which is work with couples to document and capture the “a very special day on their lives”, it made this shoot especially challenging but effortless. Just look at them, they made my job very easy!

Among a few family members and friends, the couple seen each other during their first look on the 3rd floor of San Francisco’s City Hall. After their precious moments we all accompanied them to register and select the location where their ceremony would take place. This couple was gracious enough and again, Mike understands all too well, selecting the location is one thing, but as photographers, we prefer and look for the light! I suggested the 4th floor! Bright and beautiful yet with pockets of interesting shadows not to mention the amazing and historical architectural surroundings! This was a perfect ceremony site!

The couple enjoys travel, online experiences, food and wine and shopping together. There is a special place for them known as the island of Hawaii, can you blame them?

We would like to welcome this lovely couple and wish them many many years of profound happiness and continued bliss!



Bride at San Francisco City Hall  Juliana2Mikko

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