Jodet + Keith – A San Francisco Engagement Session

Who says that true love comes to those who actively and agressively seek it? If you follow my blogs, you will know that I myself do not believe in coincidences and finding a soulmate is never a coincidence. Take Jodet and Keith for instance….their story is all about timing, and two fabulous people who are are just meant to be.

Potrero Hill San Francisco Engagement

This lovely couple met aboard the Adventure Cat Charter Sail, Jodet’s company were celebrating an event and she had unofficial “camera duty”, Keith, who was working with the charter and a photography hobbyist himself couldn’t help but to strike up a photography conversation. Keep in mind that neither of them were looking for love but as Jodet says this story began with curiosity and adventure! Little did she know that this company sail would be more than just fun and great vendor food and of course the timing, recollected by the two of them, it was absolutely perfect!
Keith confesses that although she had a camera in hand what caught his eye were the sparkle in her eyes, you too will see how they sparkle!

The time I spent with this amazing couple during their engagement shoot (on the bay and off), was nothing short of an amazing experience. They’re stylish, modern, yet hold traditional and family values alike. I can totally visualize this couple taking the sea by storm, on their own sailboat and one day sailing through Playa Del Carmen, where Jodet aspires to build one of her lifelong dreams. They love their city of San Francisco, sailing on the bay, food, coffee, tea and a vast of cultures. Their wedding theme will be sophisticated, traditional with a dash of sailing influence, see what I mean? Keith will be navigating not only a sailboat but they are on the right path and I’m excited for their Southern Cali wedding as well as their future.

Loving words from Jodet: I knew I was in love with my partner when I realized that there was no one else I could see myself spending the rest of my entire life with and when I named our first unborn child “Penelope Maiden”…for fun. 😉

Loving words from Keith: “Each day waking up next to Jodet is a moment I cherish.”

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Love Notes to Barbara –

Hi Barbara!
We saw the video  we were touched beyond words – I cried the first time watching it, and cried again, thereafter. I was not expecting the music, the story telling –  it grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. 
I probably watched it 10+ times. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed we are with the photos and the story telling, and the fact that you played our wedding song just added to the romance and emotion. LOVE. I’m fairly critical of myself in photography, and I have to say – I was so moved and in awe of all the images, and felt beautiful and confident in almost all the shots. Thank you for making us feel comfortable and for making our engagement photos so special – you really can see the passion and love captured between us.  I don’t have enough words to express the joy these photos have carried. We – seriously – can’t thank you enough. – Jodet 
Thank you soooooo much!  I’m lost for words that express the gratitude and how much my heart is filled with happiness. – Keith