Jamay & Jason ROCK the DRESS





Jamay and Jason met in high school many years ago. Jason’s sister had been Jamay’s best friend since then and Jamay found herself at their family home quite often. I recall having a conversation with Debbie (Jason’s mom), who said “I’ve loved Jamay from the first time I met her, I watched her grow up.” And although the couple dated once during their 20’s, their paths took a different course and they went separate directions. A decade later they would run into each other again at Carly’s wedding (Jason’s sister), in 2009, and they have been together ever since and are happy to announce “Happily Married” this past October!

Jamay, a hopeless romantic and true believer of love and poetry enjoys writing poems, reading, Yoga, health and wellness. Jason enjoys sports, the SF Giants, snowboarding, the outdoors and family living. They were both very excited to plan and schedule their shoot and we were over the top excited to select locations that fit their story. There’s something fabulous about Rocking the Dress, and I have to say that taking the time helps to create those timeless, beautiful images they will refer to as their first family heirlooms and cherished art pieces for many generations to come.

Here’s how they feel about each other (in a few sweet words).

Jamay: “I knew I loved him when he took me and my 3 year old son to the Giants game. We had a long walk from the parking lot towards the stadium, he carried my son and put him on his shoulders. Jason then put his own Giants hat on his head. I knew I loved him when I witnessed that moment!”

Jason: “I knew I loved Jamay the day I met her. We had a special connection the moment we met.”

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And now…..here are the VERY happy newlyweds…..Jamay & Jason! Many congrats to you and your families!

Thanks to Angel of Angel I Photo for the creation of their Short Film you can see HERE