Help Portrait Berkeley 2012 | Giving the GIFT of Portraits!



Help Portrait Eastbay Oakland 2014 KTVU Reel from Barbara Jacqueline Studios on Vimeo.


Many of you who follow me or my work know that mainly I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer, but a few years ago, I met Jeremy Cowart, a talented Celebrity Photographer and the Founder of Help Portrait. Not only was I moved when I learned about his organization and the mission, I KNEW I had to be a part of this global movement involving giving the gift of a portrait to those in need, and during the holidays…what better time? See what Help Portrait is all about and how YOU can get involved by volunteering or simply making a donation. Your contributions are tax deductible and will aid us with the costs of printer ink, paper, photo frames, and any other equipment necessary to complete the task.

We had several talented, caring and giving photographers who contributed their time and expertise, here is a walk thru Help Portrait from Registration, to Makeup, Photo Booth, and finally, the Print Station. Thanks Eugenia for sharing these images with the world!

Meet “EMMA”

Last year I was honored to serve my first year as Site Manager for the Help Portrait Berkeley area, and we held the event at the Berkeley Food & Housing Project, we served 167 participants and had 43 volunteers! This year we were aiming to serve 300+ participants and the event was held on Saturday December 8, 2012 again at the Berkeley Food and Housing Project. Please help spread the word, and if you can help…Thank You so very much! DONATE NOW!!!!

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Documentary Photography by Eugenia Man