Great advice from a Bride…..

Millbrae Wedding PhotographyA LOVE Note from Victoria & Jeremy (while on their honeymoon!

Hello Barbara,

We just got back but luckily when we stopped in St. Thomas and I was able to see the Sneak Peeks you sent. We loved them!! I almost started to cry, the pictures really brought me back to our special day. I can’t wait to see the rest!

Love, and Jeremy

Well, as I mentioned, Victoria and Jeremy had their lovely wedding on the lovely San Francisco afternoon of April 13th! We were excited in attending the wedding rehearsal the night before where we met the entire bridal party as well as both sides of the family!

On the wedding day I arrived at the Westin in Millbrae, Victoria opened the door and I remember thinking “she looks adorable even in her curlers, robe and fuzzy slippers!” Of course she did, she was glowing, and THIS is the day she had prayed for! Emotions were high in the Bridal Suite, but believe it or not, things were as mellow as a Sunday afternoon. Everyone pitched in to finalize that the last details and before we knew it, Victoria was getting in to her gown and then into the limo!

Weeks following her honeymoon, we spoke with Victoria and asked her to share a little bit of what to expect for our future brides. Read how Victoria felt on the day of her wedding and weeks hereafter.

What’s the best advice you have for a bride?

“Relax and breathe, the day goes by so fast; there’s nothing worth
stressing over. Also, take in every moment of your day, you only live this moment once!”

What was the biggest surprise about your wedding day?

”How much fun everyone had! I was very concerned about making sure everyone would have a good time. It was such an amazing celebration and everyone had a wonderful time, t we are still receiving comments about how much fun everyone had.”

What were your favorite photos of the day?

“The ceremony! Seeing everyone’s emotions captured by YStudio so
beautifully, I can look at the photos and go back to that precise moment and get emotional all over again.”

What did you most love about working with YStudio Photography?

“The ease and comfort of being able to ask anything and getting real answers. Both Wayne and Barbara are very welcoming, we felt like we were hanging out with family and not working with a business per se, a huge relief when dealing with so many vendors. I also appreciate Barbara’s attention to detail and how she worked with me on my wedding day timeline. Had she not helped us orchestrate the day hour by hour, we would have possibly missed some very important photographs. Listen to Barb she knows her stuff!”

What’s the best way to tame those wedding day nerves?

“A nice glass of champagne and a series of deep breaths! Those nerves catch up with you quicker than you can imagine.”

Which one moment will last with you both forever?

“Saying “I Do” while looking into each other’s eyes, those two words meant more than we could have ever imagined, they represent being faithful to your soul mate for eternity!”