FRIDA – A gift to myself….

frida kahlo self portrait

Anyone who knows me or who has been to my home, knows I absolutely love Frida Kahlo, a horribly talented creature whose life started in suffering as early as the age of 6 with polio then later a near death bus accident at the age of 18 which affected her entire life.  Her self portraits depicted her pain, isolation and many facets of her life and even, her own death. “I hope the exit is joyful and hope never to return.” — Frida Kahlo

For my 50th birthday last summer, I didn’t want to treat myself to a day at the spa or even a mini shopping spree, I wanted to give myself a treat for having lived to see my 5th decade in a special way (for myself).  Frida died at 47 on July 13th (one day before my birthdate 11 years later) , but I was specific to a special treat at 50.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to create the piece and it was put on hold, however during  a recent trip to Memphis and Arkansas on a 7-day photo assignment, my team and I found ourselves at a thrift shop in Harrisburg, AR looking for pieces for some of our shoots, and very unexpectedly, we found pieces ideal for my Frida shoot. It was then I realized, it is time!  A local family friend, Debbie, completed our look with gorgeous and odd pieces of jewelry, and wraps, and what originally started as a self-portrait series, turned into an impromptu shoot.  However, I had one problem, a borrowed tripod without a head, that just was not going to do the trick as well as no self-timing remote (remember, I had no idea I was to become the subject during our week there).  

I placed the camera on a tripod, we set up the scene, thanks Mamma Helen, I set the camera settings for the lighting in which I wanted to be captured, and Mary, a signed fashion model herself, did me the honors!  It’s insane to think that I was her first photographer when she was starting her own modeling career (age 16), and now I am her very first camera subject.  I think she did an amazing job. (see some behind the scenes).  My longtime colleageue BFF and sister like friend, Teresa Reynolds did a marvelous job with the hair, makeup and styling and I love her even more!  It was an amazing week, but this day was very special to me, and it meant the world to have my little family help to give myself the gift I’d longed for.

Thank you for my gift!

Photography by:  Mary Rosenberger

Location,  (Reynolds Family Farm), Harrisburg, AR

Hair, Makeup and Styling:  Teresa Reynolds

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Behind the Scenes

First test run


The Goodwill


The session

IMG_1743We have an iPhone video clip somewhere!