Fremont Wedding Photographers – Palmdale Estates

Here is a gorgeous, colorful, and lively Indian wedding I shot as a second shooter for my good friend and colleague, Josh Rodriguez.  Josh is a seasoned pro in this market, and I was thrilled when he asked if I could assist.  It was a great opportunity and I was happy to see a wedding in a whole new way!

The bride and groom, their friends, and families all arrived early in the morning to prepare for this day and it was fun to see all the details and events unfold.  The ceremony took place in a lovely outdoor garden at the Palmdale Estates in Fremont, CA. I had never experienced an entire wedding ceremony of the culture, and it was refreshing to see all of the different rituals done, and learn their meaning (provided by a very funny and wise priest).

I would like to thank Josh as well as the bride and groom and their families to whom all I am grateful for allowing me to share in this ever so important milestone.  Enjoy the photos……