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Hi everyone and HAPPY TGIF as well as Happy Labor Day weekend!  I wanted to introduce a new strategy I have to help those in need! Busy photographers!  If you have a pile of “to-dos” in front of you and feel like you are getting nowhere, you are probably right!  Don’t ignore your blog or your submissions any longer!  There is a source and that is to “outsource!”  If you  send out your work to be culled or edited and are  still backed up, it’s time to seriously consider HELP!  I would love to provide a safe place for you to come and hand it over to someone who “gets it!”

As a wedding and lifestyle photographer, I totally understand what is involved on a day to day business as you build and work your business.  Clients, meetings, consultations, sales, marketing, social media, post production, gee, I’m already out of breath!  So what exactly am I offering?  How about more time with your family?  A real day or a few days off from blogging, and editorial submissions so you can stay closer to the things you love like family, friends, oh and yes, your photography and clients!

WHY me?  Well I love this industry and I love my colleagues, I totally understand the language and I don’t have to be behind the camera to love what I do, this industry and what we do for many as photographers and photo documentation.  We truly are blessed to have such fabulous jobs, but we also have our lives, and we need to enjoy it all.  Take a peek at a super duper raw selfie video I have  put together and I hope to hear from you and how I can help you get back to what you love!

Services available:

ShootQ Administration and Setup

Blog Management

Editorial Submissions (exclusively Two Bright Lights)

Studio Magazines (take a peek and one of the studio magazines designed for Brian MacStay Photography)

SEE A SAMPLE HERE:  Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.25.56 PMNEW SERVICE AVAILABLE:  Wedding Album Designs! (Click to view a design!)

Detail Specialty Photography Assignments 



Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, you name it!)

or …. just ask Barb if she doesn’t she knows who can!

I have always said this and I stand by it “it pays to outsource!” Do the math and start breathing again!