Engagement Photo Shoots – Keeping it real!

Just the other day a photographer friend asked me “HOW” to approach couples when capturing their engagement.  I guess if I had to answer in one word alone, I would say….CAREFULLY!

We have to remember that we as wedding or lifestyle photographers can capture a moment, but in an essence, our clients create the moment.  It brings me back to a quote by celebrity wedding photographer, Joe Buissink, “there is no such thing as a perfect photograph, only a perfect moment.”  This is so true!

When it comes to photographing an engagement we have to remember that yes, they are our clients, but it is key to remember who they are as individuals, how they met, and what they do as a couple.  Producing an engagement shoot that is as natural is also key.  Like I tell my clients all the time, I do not pose, but I will prompt and direct if something seems unnatural or unflattering.  The rest is up to them.  So if a couple’s lifestyle involves either fashion, food, music, business, sports, etc.,  then guess what?  Yes the shoot should feature them as a couple in these settings.

Meet Grace and Blaine, an awesome couple.  Grace is very involved in styling and directing fashion editorials, so yes there’s love and passion between the two, but, there is fashion.  And this is a sneak peek into their shoot which was captured on the amazing grounds at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, I love it here!

Enjoy the sneaks, and when planning your engagement, think of only one thing…..YOU!

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