“Embrace YOUR Celebration!”




Many times people think of us only as  Wedding Photographers,  but  first and foremost, we are photographers. What that means is that we are obsessed with light, people, places, things, and movement, so we love photographing it all.

One of the things that inspires us is when a client comes to us for a “Celebrations” photo shoot.  You may be asking yourself, what this is, and basically it is when someone is celebrating a  certain accomplishment, journey,  a birthday, anniversary, battle with terminal illness,  massive weight loss, even divorce and the start of a new life! Take Yolanda for instance, she is not only celebrating a 40th birthday, she is celebrating a near 100-pound weight loss, new body, and recently, a new marital status, yes fellas, she is currently single and dating.

If you have something special, something that marks a successful challenge, consider a “Celebrations Session”, and let us show you just how to embrace and celebrate just how beautiful you really are! We are not who we are now, we are formed by many years and little pieces that complete us today. Good or bad, it makes us who we are and we can come up roses if we embrace our tears, joy, laughter, and most importantly…..change.

Thanks for stopping by and we would love to chat and see how we can make it even more special for you.