Getting “Cozy”for the holidays

Tan and white Chihuahua female puppy in pink argyle sweater with rhinestoneFor those of you who know me, you know how long I have been wanting a puppy! I wasn’t able to focus on it but recently I felt I was in a good position to finally have and be able to care for one. I feel strongly about the care and nurturing and training a puppy needs, not to mention the attention and I wasn’t able to commit for years until now.

chihuahua holiday portrait in  burgandy and gold

I came across this gorgeous chihuahua puppy on Craigslist and fell in LOVE!!! I knew my hubby was reluctant to get a puppy because he gets very attached and of course, they require a lot of care and attention. I was looking almost everyday for two weeks, but when I saw this pup, I knew….she was made for ME!

Tan and white Chihuahua female puppy in pink argyle sweater with rhinestone

Ok, so I tried to get my sis to get the pup, thinking she really wanted one, and if she changed her mind, I could keep her! LOL! That’s actually what happened… So we drove to San Rafael to meet with the previous owners and to pickup the pup. She was amazing and she was so sweet, cheerful, playful and did not make a peep! We drove home and immediately, Wayne said that the puppy loves getting cozy and she just snuggled with him all the way home. I knew it was over for him and that it was LOVE at first sight.

Her name was Gordis (ghor-deez), which is a slang spin off of the word Gordita (chubby one), although she was quite the opposite, maybe it was a joke! LOL! And although I told Jess, her previous owner, that we would try to keep that name, but we felt that it was only fair to give my baby a name that was all HER, and since she loves being and getting cozy with mom and dad, it was appropriate!

I hold her a lot, we play a lot, I am constantly baby talking to her, and everywhere I am she is, everywhere I go, she goes, she’s definitely a momma’s girl, but she is nuts about her daddy and her big brother Angelo too. We could not have hoped for a cozier holiday and now our family seems complete…..see for yourselves why we are so happy and thrilled to say the least about our Cozy new addition to the household. Oh and yes I will be posting more photos…wait til you see her Christmas dress! Welcome home Cozy….it’s going to be an amazing New Year!

Tan and white Chihuahua puppy in pink argyle sweater with rhinestones

If you or someone you know has any information on animal cruelty cases, please do your part and contact the ASPCA…it’s the right thing to do.

Thank you for making a difference in the life of an animal.

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