Welcome to the “Mobile and Digital Age”

el cerrito mobile headshot photographer


With everything moving so fast and technology improving as fast as it takes for us to learn a new system, gadget or software, it has dawned on me why so many professionals in our local area lack professional photographs.

Thanks to things like smart phones, and digital camera sales at Costco and Best Buy, everyone THINKS they are are professional photographers so why hire one?  Lately what I have noticed  is busy professionals who want and need quality photographs usually skipping but simply cannot make time for it.

So, your YELP listing needs a new photo?  “Let me grab my phone!”  Smart phone really?  Come on folks, it’s not that smart, and although can take a great photo, it is still not a professional capture and I think you would agree that your clients deserve better.

After all, you are serving clients and they are expecting professional services from you aren’t they?  I am a strong believer that the “First Impression” can make or break you, why not start off with a BANG!?  It’s no longer the yellow pages with black and white ads printed onto yellow pages, people are looking for us online, Facebook, and even Twitter.  What is the FIRST thing they see?  You got it!  PHOTOS!!

Lately, I have been receiving more and more phone calls from local professionals asking for head shots and although happy to oblige, I find folks are having a hard time with their schedules.  When I offer my mobile services, they light up like a Christmas tree, yes I can literally hear the relief over the phone! I mean have you seen what some pros have posted on teir Linkedin, Facebook, and their own websites???  Folks….Instagram filters are fun, but who says a split tone filter makes a professional looking head shot or photo? It’s simply not pretty!

What is a mobile head shot?  Well, for starters, a photographer would bring their  mobile photographic gear, sometimes a makeup artist and they capture your head shots at your location (office, home, courtyard, whatever works), again with the digital age upon us this has made it easy for you to have a head shot session at your location, immediately live viewing/editing/downloading completed within 30 minutes! You could essentially schedule this on your lunch break and after your photos, it’s back to business as usual, saves you time, grief and it’s essentially quite convenient and fast!

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have that would guide you in what to wear as well as hair and makeup tips to get you an optimal experience for a quality photo.  You can also ask me questions on product, staff,  and storefront photos as well.

Here’s a guide I put together for my clients on “what to wear to their head shot session as well as other modern and new ideas in head shot photography!  Click on my PINTEREST link to view.

Looking forward to seeing you and your business shine fabulously online and in print!  You and your clients deserve the best!

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to smile for the camera!