Linda & Billy | Happy Anniversary

As I gather my thoughts and prepare for this lovely blog, I can’t help to think about the first time I spoke with Linda on the telephone when she called my studio to inquire about our work.  Seeing our work on her favorite Pilates Studio’s Facebook, she contacted me to learn more about our El Cerrito Lifestyle Photography and to visit the possibility for a session for her and the hubby!
I think immediately I felt drawn to Linda and I wanted to know every little detail about her and Billy, how they met, what they do, where they hang out and well everything!  I found out so many great details that my head started to turn with ideas of a perfect setting for this perfect couple!   As we prepared for the shoot, I learned even more and I giggle recalling Linda’s exact words “we aren’t a very interesting couple!”  I almost flipped!  I had to reply “are you kidding me!?” As we chatted on the phone and I shared some ideas, I could sense her excitement and I think we both agreed that they were indeed a VERY interesting couple!
She’s a modern gal who loves to treat her body to a great Pilates challenge, she loves shopping, arts and crafts, cooking, reading novels and flipping through Martha Stewart Wedding and Culinary  Lifestyle magazines.   Billy finds himself checking out the latest and coolest auto magazines, a car enthusiast himself with a great love of his awesome Subaru WRX, you should hear this thing purr….I am sure he had a blast as we drove up to Tiller Park from El Cerrito. He also loves building computers and exploring a wide array of musical genres from Iron Maiden to Weezer and more!  Splurging a little as they shop, this couple loves to check out movies. cool eateries and trots to their local favorite, the El Cerrito Rialto Theater and the wine bar. I cannot forget to mention their other great two loves, their dogs and how much they love to hike with them.
Although they have known each other for 13 years, they are excited about entering their 5th wedding anniversary and we are just excited to have been asked to share in such a milestone.  I could not help but to fight back tears as they each read and professed their love to one another once again, Linda on a handwritten delicate note, and Billy on his iPhone….so him!  Take a peek into some of our favorites from this shoot, and I think you too will agree that this is indeed a pretty awesome couple.  Located in the same city as we are was another bonus and right in each others neighborhood, how awesome!  We met up at a local garden and immediately hugged each other when we met, it was meant to be that way because this shoot meant a lot to me and my husband as well, we also are celebrating our 5th!  We drove from spot to spot in El Cerrito and Berkeley and ended our session at the theater with a little wine and a trio of cupcakes!  Thanks again for sharing  this grand celebration… Happy Anniversary and may you celebrate many many more!