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When I first heard the term “the devil is in the details”, I couldn’t disagree more!  In my studio, I like to say the “Diva is in the Details!”  And when I say “diva” I am not necessarily talking about me, but thanks for thinking that! 🙂

One of my absolute favorite commissions aside from wedding clients, is when I receive a call from a fellow photographer, event planner, designer, or venue to capture interiors, exteriors, and you guessed it, the details!  Many clients who have worked diligently on their big day, have poured every piece of their heart, and sometimes their pocketbooks as well. I feel strongly that this is very much a part of the story, and yes it completes their lifelong fairy tale.

As a detail specialty photographer on any assignment, my job is to capture the essences of the room and every little detail within it.  At times, I must work under extreme pressure and having to occasionally dodge and weave the wait staff, banquet managers and other vendors on the job.  Setting up specialty off camera lights is necessary as well as camera stabilization and other devices with my assistants is part of the task!  It is a very serious shoot for me because of the fact that it is extremely time sensitive and requires adequate planning and execution once they are ready to strike the room!  Ideally the Management will assist with not placing, butter, salt and pepper, waters, etc., until I can capture a few shots of a table or two — oh and let’s not forget the candles!  Once I get the go, it is rush rush rush to get these highly critical photographs.  Keep in mind that while waiting for the strike and as my lighting is standing by with my assistant, we will walk around the room with mobile lighting and capture close up and macro shots until the entire room is cleared.

I’d like to share a few of our favorites from last season, and you may agree that the Diva is definitely in the Details, and among those details, you just may find me as well.

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Images featured here were photographed for

Brian MacStay

Colson Griffith

Duncan Reyes Events & Design



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Among the details… there are also Professional Products and every little detail counts!

San Francisco Wedding Photography 20140924-091241 20140909-141101 20140909-125421

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20140924-083124 20140924-113840

20140201-181727 20140201-182547 san francisco wedding invitations


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