Destination Wedding Photographers – Cabo San Lucas

My oh my where do I begin when I am still walking on air from our recent destination wedding in Cabo, and we have been home now for a week!

When I first met Melinda and Daniel I knew one thing…..this couple was in LOVE and this couple was excited to tie the knot, and what better place for this lovely pair but in Cabo!  I was thrilled to learn every little detail about how they met, how Daniel asked Melinda to dance to some quirky song and how she obliged him and they danced the night away.  Who knew that from that evening in a club, along with friends, they would be building a life together filled with love, family and overall elation!

They shared so much with me about their families, and their hobbies, places they love to go and the love they have for their furry family members Capone and Luke… them all on their engagement session HERE!! So as we moseyed along and they too got to know about me as a photographer and just what it means to me each time I am called to such an honor, I knew one more thing for certain as we ended our first meeting, I wanted to photograph this wedding!  Yes of course the thought of Cabo was exciting, but I was more excited about their stories, how they met,   fell in love and now vowing to one another in a far away destination among family and friends.   After our meeting and as we said so long….Melinda said, “you are it, we want YOU to photograph our wedding!”  Needless to say, honored again and yes … excited!

Melinda could not have been a better planner, she did everything from beginning to end I was so impressed how every detail from flights for an almost 90-person guest list, to shuttle, hotel stays, meals and more…this gal rocked!  It was a pleasure to have been booked on the same flight as them and some of the bridal party and I just knew my hubby and I would have a feast in photographs from the very beginning of our trip.  And what better way than to document their amazing sendoff and destination wedding!?

I struggled with HOW to post this wedding since there are 5 days of an amazing story and trip (yes my hubby and I got to play, it was also my birthday), so I decided to do this in bits and pieces, so with no more delays, here is a glimpse from flight through the wedding rehearsal night in Cabo.  Enjoy the colors and joy of Melinda and Daniel’s amazing Cabo Destination Wedding, and be sure to check back soon for their wedding day and their Rock the Dress session, oh yes we did!!!

Adios! Enjoy the post!


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(Wayne, Barbara, Melinda and Daniel) Photo Courtesy of Erick Supnet