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What is a Day in the Life Session?

I can answer that with one word…. “people!”  It’s very simple.  It’s a photographer’s walk through the day in the life of you and loved ones.  This shoot is purely a photo journalist approach with the emphasis on un-posed, un-staged photo documentary style photography.  Your shoot could take place anywhere; with your loved ones, a park, the beach, home, anywhere near and dear to who you are as a family, couple, friends, etc.  I thrive in constantly challenging myself as an artist and doing what is uncomfortable.  I love to try new and different things, and I am excited to offer these sessions that are designed for each and every individual.

I am always amazed at how people express themselves, how they react,  interact , and, yes, how they LIVE! I feel this is especially true with people, places, and things near and dear to their heart and soul. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have these relationships and these most precious times of your lives documented?

These unique photography sessions are an interesting artistic array and collection of not only beautiful photographs but precious memories which can accompany stories that you will share in the future with loved ones for many generations to come.  Think about how awesome it would be to have had photo documentation of your parents with you in your home when you were a child.  Couples can also benefit hugely from a session like this!  Weather it be a previous engagement, or even a surprise proposal in the comfort of your home, bed, living room! Terminal illness is also something that many people wish to have documented, along with final memorial services of a loved one.

We will travel wherever you go, and I will be like a fly on the wall; unobtrusive, quiet, but busy.  A typical day can begin as an early morning call where you might be making breakfast with the kids, your spouse could be jumping up and down on the couch with the kids, or whatever you do on a typical Saturday morning.  Keeping in mind that I will not stop shooting, I will anticipate, shoot, and keep shooting even after the action.  The idea is to capture creative, emotive moments that are filled with action and story! You can take me anywhere, grocery stores, parks, beach or any other outing planned for the day.  I’m not sure I can bungee jump though!

I had a client once tell me that she didn’t know what on earth they could plan for their shoot as she felt her and her partner were “boring;” something I find hard to believe with anyone!  There is a process which I work directly with you to help you with concept, ideas, etc.; by the end of the shoot she  realized just how amazing and exciting their lives are together. The collection of  their photographs were “beautiful and priceless,” she told us, and I have to agree.

Human beings are some of the most interesting and beautiful creations in this universe. Let’s schedule a time when we can discuss your “Day in the Life Session!” You would be surprised just how uniquely you live, love and laugh with your loved ones or on your own.

For the Pro’s

As a San Francisco Wedding Photographer now 7 years, I am fascinated when I work alongside other wedding pros because I see firsthand their hard work, dedication and passion in what they do for this industry.  Like me,  they love what they do, they strive for perfection, and they love their clients!  The passion and their never-ending efforts and experience in tailoring a day that is near and dear not only for the couple tying the knot, but their families as well is overwhelming to experience. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be amazing to share some behind-the-scenes with their clients as well as some lovely product shots they can use for their portfolio? There is simply so much going on and I thrive to capture the action on and off the scene.

There are so many professionals involved in weddings such as venues, caterers, rental specialists, designers, planners, cake designers, florists, just to name a few!  There is tons of hard work and “heart” work behind the scenes, I would LOVE to capture it for you and to share with our readers as you share your documentary with your clients, colleagues and your followers.

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