CoachArt – Where children are artists, athletes and much more!

When a colleague of mine enticed me with this amazing organization she had been volunteering with, I had no idea just what was in store. I was fortunate enough to work with CoachArt in 2016  for their annual children’s benefit fundraiser at San Francisco Terra Gallery,  and I’ve been hooked ever since!  Not only have I been working with my team on their annual galas, but we’ve also been asked to produce film features on students which were featured annually.

This year we produced along with CoachArt,  the film feature for their first ever Shining Star Recipient, Aura. See for yourself what a power house she is!  With CoachArt, children with chronic illness  aren’t just patients – they’re artists, athletes and much much more!

CoachArt – Aura, Shining Star of 2018 from Barbara Jacqueline Studios on Vimeo.

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This film contains open-captions for the hearing impaired 









Photos courtesy of Julia Zave