Chelsea & Reijo are ENGAGED | Point Richmond Engagement Photographers

And when we say engaged, they are just that in many ways.  When we first met up for the shoot, one of the first things I love saying to our couples is “all hands on DECK!”  And what I mean by this is I encourage all hands, feet, eyes, and lips on each other as much as humanly possible.  I don’t pose much but I love getting my couples to just do what they do, it is by far the best approach and fits my style and theirs!  And forget about what this does for the imagery!  LOVE!!!

I first met Chelsea via my blog, she left an amazing and inspiring message that made my day!  Even though her comment on the blog was about how inspired she was by my work she had seen online she also shared that although they had a date, a venue and all things in motion for the perfect Sonoma 2014 wedding, she had not yet fallen in love with a photographer, until NOW!  This totally re-ignited the fire and passion I have inside and I knew that I HAD to meet this gal whether or not she booked me for her day!  After speaking to Chelsea on the phone (gosh her excitement is contagious!), I was led to create this Pinterest Board just for her and Reijo and I encouraged Chels to start pinning away and she has!  FUN and great way to stay in touch with my brides and to see how they see their wedding day coming through.  It’s a great project together and a great way to keep in touch until the day!

So this fabulous bride-to-be surprised me again!  She wanted to meet with me on June 7, 2013, and that is her actual wedding day the following year….touched again, darn, I feel like I need to grab some tissues and I haven’t started in on this blog!  LOL!  I met this awesome couple in Point Richmond where they live at one of the local stops The Hotel Mac, we had a great time and I was able to elaborate who I am as a person and a wedding photographer, all that mooshy stuff that makes me who I am and well you know….We talked about an Engagement Session to follow both of their intense studies and final exams and talked about a possibility in July.  And here we go folks!

We met at the Plunge in Point Richmond, thought it would be appropriate and we chatted about the plan and off we went.  This engagement shoot like all my engagement shoots is all about my couple, their lifestyles, favorite places and textures and colors that really mean something to them.  I love coming along for the ride and letting my camera have some scrumptious subject matter.  I am double blessed that my husband also shoots with me and all four of us had a great time.  We laughed, we giggled, we trotted along and ended the session with an awesome dinner at a very special spot for them.  The Up and Under Pub and Grill,  they also had their first kiss here at Table #3 (see photo).  What a great place and in a community that knows them well and obviously loves them.  Everywhere we went around town there were people stopping them and saying hi, I felt like we were paparazzi  following Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!!

Reijo’s a handsome dapper feller whose a little bit burlap and Chelsea is a gorgeous blue-eyed angel whose a little bit lace!  Their wedding theme could not be more perfect!    Reijo also loves sports (as a participant and as an on-looker and fan), he loves building and we loved that they took us to a spot where Reijo built the tables (see that photo too!), gardening, networking, learning, working out, sailing, and sitting in saunas! He also plays a mean ukulele as he started to play a little during our session (oh my God we have a photo of that too!).

Chelsea is a RN and she  loves being creative, she has a giving nature and loves giving gifts (thanks for the Susie’s Cakes by the way!), she enjoys  studying, staying fit with exercise, bartending and social activities.  She’s quite a DIY’er and cherishes getting cozy. One of the other things I picked up from her is that she has a HUGE heart, she “feels” what she says and one “feels” what she is trying to convey, she’s a natural and it’s very easy to fall in her spell of wonders.  I think I got choked up a couple of times already, ok ok maybe a tear or two but they are awesome tears trust me!  BLESSED!

Both attended Private/Catholic elementary school together as well as high school (Salesian High School in San Pablo), so they have some history here folks.   “As a couple we have built an elaborate network of near and dear friends and we take great pride in the Point Richmond community; in which we fell in love”. “We love going to the movies, working on our nest together, spending time with friends and families, and laughing all the while”, says Chelsea.

I think you get the gist of this couple and now it’s time to  meet them….so here you have them Burlap & Lace….Reijo & Chelsea’s Engagement.  Congratulations and we cannot wait til your Sonoma Wedding come June 2014!

You can check out their music slideshow HERE!!!