Cameron + Kasey – Saratoga Springs Wedding Videography

In the mad rush of things during wedding season this year, I received a call from a pretty awesome groom to be, his name, Cameron. Almost immediately I knew this was no ordinary groom, and when he revealed he was looking for a filmmaker for his wedding, just 8 days away, I knew he was an extraordinary fella! I knew I wanted to work with him and Kasey almost immediately, and I happened to be available that weekend!

This wedding was surrounded by all the wonders that make a couple special, family, friends, their own perfectly selected environment, but there was just a little “extra” somethings all day long that warmed my heart! This cinematic feature are just highlights from the day, but if I had to pick all of my favorites, you would be watching a full on motion picture right here on my site!

I would like to personally thank Cameron and Kasey for entrusting me with this special milestone and gorgeous event, my second cameraman Paul and I had a blast, and my editing partner Carmelo all wish to congratulate you both in the best way we know how…..your short film!