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I have been meaning to blog and time has just slipped away with all of the hustle and bustle of the New Year, new clients, as well as diving right in since January 2nd with wedding, commercial and portrait shoots, I simply have not had a moment.  I then stopped to think about “time” and how fast it really passes, how many things we have put off and how many times have we’ve  all said “I will get to it”, and before you know it, another year has passed.  I am so guilty of this myself and almost every New Year comes around and I have the same old resolution, “I need to MAKE time!”  Time for me, my family, my friends, my clients and many unfinished personal projects including seeing the world!  With this in mind, I would like to introduce Kassandra, she is a perfect example of this weeks blog and inspiration and a perfect example of why I also feel, it is NEVER too late.

I had the distinct pleasure of being contacted by Kassandra as she wanted to surprise her husband with a very special Valentines Day gift, a personal and intimate photo memoir of herself.  When we first started talking about her shoot, she was apprehensive and not sure of when the right time would be, we discussed some concern of her age and unfortunately, the shoot was postponed many times. I was starting to think she was about to forget the entire thing, however, we had already completed the booking process, and we were on course to make this happen! I have met so many people during my photography career and what excites me the most is how different and unique each individual is, I am blessed to be a part of an industry where each person I work with is a canvas so to speak and each instance is a whole new experience for me as well.  I love to get to know my subjects intimately, and as intimately as they allow, it helps me create something that is entirely about them which in turn, creates amazing photographed moments.

On the day that she showed up to the studio, we both felt at ease, comfortable and almost as if we’d known each other for quite some time.  One of the things that stood out during the session is that Kassandra kept saying….“I trust you!”  This is just what I needed to hear although I actually instantly felt her confidence and her trust, it certainly helps me to be relaxed and to begin to create a masterpiece for her husband she and he both rightfully deserve and desired.  I could not be more happy with how this session progressed, and although we all had specific favorites,  this featured image has got to be my absolute favorite.  I recall telling her that this was her grand finale (after several looks and different outfits), and that THIS was to be her magazine cover shot.  She took a deep breath in, and so did my assistant and myself, and we went to town!  I love it as we are headed toward the end of a session, subjects are even more relaxed and even more willing to produce along with means many times requesting to extend the session.

It was a pleasure photographing her, and I hope that you too will take away that waiting for the right time does not mean it’s when your hair, body or even age is at it’s prime, but when you feel your worth, feel your best and choose a photographer  who will make you feel just that, radiant, beautiful and powerful.  So, take a long look in the mirror, think of the time that has passed and how long you have put this off, take a deep breath and treat yourself to a memoir you will cherish for many years to come.  Whether it be a family, or personal portrait session, do it for yourself, and don’t let another year pass.

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