Happy New Year and THANK YOU! Meet Our 2012 clients!

Each and every year we like to take a look back at our year, and each time I recall the words of a great friend and fellow photographer whom once said “WHY on earth do you want to shoot weddings!?” All I can say is that I feel the same way if not more excited than the day I took the “plunge!”

Not only are we as wedding photographers blessed to be asked to take on the task of covering such a pivotal moment in ones lives, we are entrusted with some of the most intimate and personal details that will be cherished for generations to come. It is always something I relish and hold dear to my heart, I simply cannot see it any other way since this is what ignites my passion and leads me to preserve such glorious moments.

I’ve had a busy year in spite of a health scare early this year, I had no idea that I would be feeling as good as I did come early summer and was able to take on not only my personal clients, but I was able to assist several colleagues on their weddings as well. In this slideshow however, I am exclusively featuring YStudio clients, and I wish to thank them again and again…..it’s a beautiful day! Thank you all again and again!

Enjoy the show!