All I want for Christmas | San Francisco Elopement Photographer

Usually on Christmas or the days leading to the big day, I am frantically preparing for the family dinner I prepare annually, last minute gift shopping, and general winter cleanups at home. This year it was a very different season at our home and for our studio no doubt.

My husband, whom also shoots with me, up and left for 7 days to his home in Oahu, Hawaii for some important family business as well as an engagement shoot around the island. And although I stayed home because we have two little ones, “Cozy” and “Mickey”, two fabulous chihuahuas who no doubt take up plenty of our time and we LOVE it, I stayed pretty busy around here. I for one was wrapping up some last minute photo shoots, post-production, finalizing touches on the move of our old photography studio, as well as other odd jobs. And believe it or not, I was in preparation for photographing my very first Christmas Eve elopement in Martinez, CA.

When I first received the call from Janet, she initially was inquiring about our studio portraits. When I learned how rich this story was, a civil elopement with a Mexico wedding to follow in March, I immediately talked to her about how much content and emotion this will all have and how it would be a crime NOT to cover this! I for one was excited at the opportunity and I could not wait to meet with her. So, one rainy chilly morning, we met for coffee, and what a small world we live in! Turns out I knew her! I had worked with her years ago at a non-profit organization where I interned as a writer! If that isn’t full circle I don’t know what is!

Well without furtherer due, I wish to share some of Janet & Steve’s loveliest moments on Christmas Eve, I think you will agree that they are truly a force to be reckoned with and I was more than honored to have captured such a day! I received a serious LOVE phone call when they saw their photos for the first time, and listen to how emotional she was on the phone, made me, well, let’s say there was not a dry eye on either side of the telephones.

Ok onto the show…..the photos and the LOVE these two shared on a day I can easily describe as one of the most intimate weddings I have ever photographed! EVER! Thank you Janet & Steve for not only entrusting me on your day, but to have followed my direction with the wedding pictorial as seen here, more than worth it!! Looking forward to that Mexico wedding in March too!